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Unawear vitims by DemonRoxy2007 Unawear vitims :icondemonroxy2007:DemonRoxy2007 0 3 bioshock adam extractor by DemonRoxy2007 bioshock adam extractor :icondemonroxy2007:DemonRoxy2007 6 4
unknow world.
Unknown to most under the earth surface, lay a large come hall of the ceiling rich for the earth's crust, the only way in and out of the hall is through a collection of mazes that change from natural cave walls to manmade, it was a sign that you are getting close to the hall, at the end is a large door with a gothic style inside the hall is like a gothic painting with three levels of flooring, the people that lived their danced and laugh over the haunting music. Sitting on the seconded floor was the royal family: A pound king, his beautiful wife and the two prized sons.  The music leaks through the door and encode through the maze the cave mouth was in the centre of a forest and stories have been told about the cave been hunted, the people on the surface say the hunting music leaks out of the caves mouth sound like it singing and so bring many to wonder inside to see what lie inside.  The people that lived inside doesn't even see those adventure for ever give up or
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my Winx fairy by DemonRoxy2007 my Winx fairy :icondemonroxy2007:DemonRoxy2007 3 2 ceature sasuke by DemonRoxy2007 ceature sasuke :icondemonroxy2007:DemonRoxy2007 0 0 me in a mood by DemonRoxy2007 me in a mood :icondemonroxy2007:DemonRoxy2007 1 2 Mermaid Sasuke by DemonRoxy2007 Mermaid Sasuke :icondemonroxy2007:DemonRoxy2007 6 43 Frankstain cartoon. by DemonRoxy2007 Frankstain cartoon. :icondemonroxy2007:DemonRoxy2007 0 0 Beano by DemonRoxy2007 Beano :icondemonroxy2007:DemonRoxy2007 0 0
human Free collars kingdom
In a lad a vampire was feeding on her pray, believe  it or not that is girl was once a normal bat the animal the work of Dr. Naturewood a professor in animal experiments he had vision what if he made mashing that could turn animals in to humans.  On a stormy night  the room light up as the bat changed into a girl, but the girl was vampire he need blood to stay alive and had bat wings on her back, okay so it wasn’t a overall successes but at lest the mashing worked he need more animals and he thought he could try cats first her went to Nay-Nay mansion, in the basement on the apartments was Cyan an Abyssinian teenager in cat years and his family ‘The free collars.’  
“Coon!!!” Char  yelled, the seventeen year old Maine coon ran like hell around the basement, behind him was Char a sixteen year old Chartreux. Sitting down at his laptop  was Rat a twelve year old Korat, next was Amesho a American shorthair
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the konoha fairys 1 by DemonRoxy2007 the konoha fairys 1 :icondemonroxy2007:DemonRoxy2007 0 4
Attack of the sevan whichs
It the beginning of the summer holiday, Sora, Riku and Kairi was looking out to the sunset as Sora was thinking of his adventures with Donlied and Goofy, and the worlds he visited, he missed  it so much, if he had one wish he would spend his summer under the sea again.  
“Hay! What going through that head of yours?” Riku said.
“Well, I was think of the worlds I visited and the funniest one I visited was Under the sea.” Sora said.
“Really?” Kairi said “Why?”
“Maybe because I had a Dolphin tail, for legs and I could breath in the water and it was peaceful.” Sora Smiled, Kairi blushed at the thought of Sora with a Dolphin tail (merman).  
“Or maybe Halloween town weir everything was scary.” they sat their talking about it untill it was late at night. Then as Sora was heading home he saw shooting star and made a wish.  The next day e found his room was under water and her lags was replaced w
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Merman sora Colour by DemonRoxy2007 Merman sora Colour :icondemonroxy2007:DemonRoxy2007 4 28 Merman Roxas by DemonRoxy2007 Merman Roxas :icondemonroxy2007:DemonRoxy2007 8 257
H2O:nija of the sea's
This the story of three Sixteen year old boys that lived in a cove, searing the same house together, this boys will be given a gift that no other will have imaging this boys met on the same day that when they received their gift it stared on a summers day in Konoha cove Sasuke Uchiha was swimming in the high school pool as Naruto Uzumaki timed him at the end Naruto showed him the timer.
“Awesome, that has to bet my personal recorded at this time, I’ll be able to make it to the world Championship.” Sasuke said.
“At this rate you’ll have the Gold at anytime and bet Zaku and shut him up.” Naruto said and help Sasuke up out of the pool and a group of squalled  as he came out taking photo of him.
“and the Girls.” Naruto added  and Sasuke laughed, a headed to the locker room to change in to he cloths. As Naruto walk alone the dock their was Zaku fixing his boat her saw Naruto and called him over.
“HAY!, Naruto come hear do worr
:icondemonroxy2007:DemonRoxy2007 1 0
The demon prince perfume
their was onec a time when the world was inguffed by darkness, The masters of this world
was demons and supernatchal certures.  over four thouends years ago the demon was
stealed awayed  back to the hall of their own, however their are a few that has ecaped and live amone use, but not all demons are evil their is one a royle demon that choose the live with
use, he is know olny buy humans as Aoyagi Ritsuka he is the The Demon Prince.
:icondemonroxy2007:DemonRoxy2007 1 12


doujin cover PTTWA by yuramec doujin cover PTTWA :iconyuramec:yuramec 135 62 Bocetos Mythos by yuramec Bocetos Mythos :iconyuramec:yuramec 95 14 the princess tutu by yuramec the princess tutu :iconyuramec:yuramec 113 29 Gender Bender Princess Tutu by Neko-Delia Gender Bender Princess Tutu :iconneko-delia:Neko-Delia 100 42 Princess and the Raven by Michi-yan Princess and the Raven :iconmichi-yan:Michi-yan 244 35 Naruto,Sasuke,Gaara by nikuo Naruto,Sasuke,Gaara :iconnikuo:nikuo 383 23 Dragon Age - fan comic p01 by wanderer1812 Dragon Age - fan comic p01 :iconwanderer1812:wanderer1812 192 55 DRAGON AGE ELVES YEAH by RinAvenue DRAGON AGE ELVES YEAH :iconrinavenue:RinAvenue 43 16 DRAGON AGE: Pirate Zevran by Mistiqarts
Mature content
DRAGON AGE: Pirate Zevran :iconmistiqarts:Mistiqarts 273 106
Dragon Age Meme by RoyLover Dragon Age Meme :iconroylover:RoyLover 204 80 Dragon Age Meme by Silberfeder Dragon Age Meme :iconsilberfeder:Silberfeder 539 119 Dragon Age 2 by Gobeur Dragon Age 2 :icongobeur:Gobeur 4,726 359 Fenris, Dragon Age 2 by Agregor Fenris, Dragon Age 2 :iconagregor:Agregor 1,026 165 ::What tha...??:: by Stray-Ink92 ::What tha...??:: :iconstray-ink92:Stray-Ink92 424 61 ::I found you:: by Stray-Ink92 ::I found you:: :iconstray-ink92:Stray-Ink92 343 99 Naruto - SasuSaku - Sorry.... by Renny08 Naruto - SasuSaku - Sorry.... :iconrenny08:Renny08 1,193 205



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